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What to prepare for a family trip

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Traveling with your family is a great time to create lasting memories. When you create a trip schedule, it is easier to travel on budget. The key to sticking to your schedule and your budget is prepared for your family trip carefully. There are several different areas that you need to plan and prepare for to make the best trip possible.


Create a Schedule

One of the best ways to reduce stress and to really focus on each day of your vacation is to create a trip schedule. This will help you know what to pack, and creates an effective plan for each day. As you schedule in your planned activities be sure to schedule downtime each day. You may also want to plan recovery days where you do not do as much after days that more busy and filled with activity. If you have small children, you will need to plan around their nap and eating schedule so that you do not end up with meltdowns. Your schedule can still be flexible and change due to bad weather, but it is really the starting point for your own vacation.



A great family base for all ages

Cruises are a great option if you are travelling as part of a large family group, as there is so much to do for all generations. There are a variety of cabins available to suit all budgets, as well as all group sizes; often you can rent cabins with separate areas for children and adults, yet with adjoining rooms. Furthermore, you will only ever have to pack and unpack once; however, you will get to enjoy several new destinations – as often as daily – without any of the hassles of having to book multiple hotels and transport.


Make Memories

When you create your packing lists, you will automatically think of the things you need like swimsuits, clothes and other essentials. However, one of the most important things you can pack is your camera and/or video recorder. These items will help you bring the memories you make home. Take the time to pack these items as well a s the extra batteries, chargers, cords, and memory cards that you will need to properly use and offload the pictures that you take. You may want to put one family member in charge of these items. In addition, be sure that you plan a little extra money for souvenirs for your kids. You may also want to have each child write down one story for each day in a family travel log or record them sharing their favorite part of that day each night. This will make it easier to create a video or scrapbook of your vacation.


Don’t Forget These Essentials

As you pack, you need to remember the essential items as well. You can talk to your doctor about getting extra prescriptions for your children to take with you in case they become ill. For example, if you have a child prone to ear infections, many doctors may be willing to write you a prescription or call one in for you while on vacation. Be sure to pack all of the medicine that you will need for your trip for both you and your kids. If your children have special dietary needs, like food allergies, you may want to pack extra snacks and food to help you as you travel. There may not always be the food that they can eat available, especially on the days you are on the road a lot. Be sure that you include your child’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket so going to bed will be easy.

Image Courtesy of silver via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

Find Ways to Save Ahead of Time

As you prepare for your family trip and pack, do not forget to work on finding discounts on the activities that you are going to do. For example, most amusement parks will give food and admission discounts if you pay for the passes ahead of time. You can also save on your travel with an Orbitz promo code that will let you save on travel and hotel cost or get the updated discount information to let your kids go free with . Planning ahead and taking the time to find the discounts on the activities you want to do the most will make it much easier to save money and focus on relaxing once you do go on your family vacation. You can save on everything camping to amusement parks and days at the beach. These tips can help you stick to your travel budget, and trip schedule without worrying too much about your finances.

Bio: Jane Hudson loves to travel with her kids. Some of her best memories growing up are family vacations, and she works to give that to her kids. She loves to save using Orbitz promo codes, which makes it more affordable to travel.



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